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Sparta Gourmet Kalamata Olive Paste

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A very tasteful Olive paste (tapenade) from delicious Kalamata olives. A great spread for vegetables, bread or crackers and the perfect “meze” to accompany a glass of ouzo or wine.

Sparta Gourmet’s Kalamata Olive Paste is made from olives that are selected from the Olive Groves Seferli, located in Goritsa (a village outside the historic city of Sparta). They nurture their olives with care and harvest them by hand to ensure the finest flavor and highest nutritional value possible. Cultivating olive trees since 1875, Olive Groves Seferli have a family tradition passed on from one generation to the next, learing to love their blessed trees and understand their mystery. They guarantee that all of their olives are of Laconian origin. The superbly flavored kalamon olives are packaged in their family’s traditional recipe of oil, vinegar, and brine.

INGREDIENTS: Kalamata olives, salt, water, olive oil


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