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Mediterranean Foods

An Astoria staple since 1974, Mediterranean Foods have been providing hundreds of families delicious imported European delicacies.
We specialize in Greek and Mediterranean gourmet foods such as Greek cheeses, olive oil, spreads, coffee, teas, herbs, spices, and more.

“The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest … Honeys, jams, coffees, pastas, pickled veggies and frozen foods like moussaka, spanikopita and octopus are among the assortment of packaged goods filling the aisles … an enormous yogurt section, baskets of dried fish, and a cheese counter in the back with more than ten kinds of feta”
Justin Hartung, New York Magazine
“The store is well stocked with staples, but also focuses on specialty Greek items. If you’re looking for stuffed vine leaves, Greek honey, cookies, chocolates, spreads, and other treats, this is the spot for you.”
Lindsay Goyette, We Heart Astoria

Extensive selection of traditional gourmet Greek feta and other cheeses.

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Everything from Kalamata olives to stuffed olives to organic olive oil.

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Greek products are fresh and natural goods that are derived from the rich and diverse landscape of Greece, such as olive oil, honey, wine, herbs, spices, cheese, yogurt, and cosmetics.

Highest Quality

High quality of Greek products is ensured by their authentic and natural ingredients, their traditional and innovative production methods, and their recognition and protection by the European Union.


Explore our vast selection of organic products, grown without chemicals or antibiotics, directly sourced from Greece, bringing the essence of the Mediterranean to your table.

Publications About Us

New York Magazine

“…bright, Greek flag-festooned Mediterranean market……bright, Greek flag-festooned Mediterranean market…the staff will gladly answer any questions…The real draw, however, is the fresh-food selection…”

We Heart Astoria

Trust us you’ll want to check out everything this store has to offer. From over 20 varieties of feta cheese, stuffed vine leaves, Greek honey, cookies, chocolates, spreads, and other treats; this is the spot for you.

Queens Gazette

“This store has been here since 1974, so we have established clients. They move out to Long Island or Connecticut but they come back here for their shopping other delicious sweets.”
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