Arosis Organic Greek Medium Beans 400g
Arosis Organic Greek Medium Beans 400g


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Arosis Organic Greek Medium Beans 400g


Organic Greek Medium Beans

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Cultivation: At an altitude of about 540m to 600m the fields extend around the Vegoritida Lake. The climate is influenced by its geographical position and altitude, in combination with the great mountains and lake. It is purely continental, with cold winters, high precipitation and snow. The average annual temperature of 11,5°C positively affects the microclimate of the neighbouring areas, providing milder conditions during the winter. The mild local climate, fertile soils of the drained part of the lake and the small family farming favour the cultivation of our medium beans, giving them their distinctive quality.

Characteristics: The Medium Beans are small, oval shaped and white. This well-adapted variety to the microclimate conditions of the area yields beansthat are delicious, soft and highly nutritional.

Tasting notes: Buttery texture and rich aroma, thin-skinned,and easy to prepare. Excellent for soups and salads. 

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