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Welcome to Mediterranean Foods – Your Trusted Greek Food Store

Mediterranean Foods Team would like to welcome you to our brand new online store. Allow us to give you a brief overview of the Greek products that we have on our website.

We feature extensive selection of beloved Greek coffees from Nescafe Classic Frappe to all time favorites like Venizelos and Loumidis ground coffee. Invented in 1957 in Thessaloniki by mixing the coffee with cold water and ice cubes in a shaker, frappe is a staple of the Greek coffee culture. While, Callas family’s coffee named after great Greek statesmen, Eleftherios Venizelos offers comforting taste of home. A large selection of delicious chocolate products like Chocofreta from ION and Papadopoulos Petit Beurre cookies for your sweet tooth will go great with whatever coffee you love.

For something sweet and, yet healthy, check our selection of traditional Cretan honey. Unique due to its aroma and taste and high nutritional value, Greek Thyme honey is also known for its stimulant and antiseptic properties. It is also an integral part of a healthy heart diet. Our online store has all the popular brands like Orino, Monastiri and Attiki natural and organic honey.

Greek cuisine would be incomplete without grains and beans. Made from fresh and organic products that has been grown naturally. Traditional beans by Arosis and 3Alpha, and delicious rice by Agrino. We also feature a large selection of Greek pastas by Misko, Helios and Melissa. At Mediterranean Foods, we have got them all.

Don’t forget our savory canned and jarred Greek food. From tahini to kalamata olives, we feature large selection of your favorite food.

Our Baked Goods section contains large selection of classic Greek and Cretan rusks, cookies and biscuits. Please check out this section for seasonal items like traditional Greek Easter Bread, tsoureki.

As we expand our product line on our website, we would like to hear from you.

Please feel free to email or call us with suggestions on how we can improve and what other Greek and Mediterranean food items you would like to see on our website.

Happy Shopping!