Evripos Camomile Tea 10 bags
Evripos Camomile Tea 10 bags


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Evripos Camomile Tea 10 bags


EvriposĀ CamomileĀ 10Ā bags ChamomilaĀ Natural Relaxating Tea

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EvriposĀ Camomile 10Ā bags ChamomilaĀ Natural Relaxating Teat 25gr. 0.87oz Top Quality

Product of E.U.

Aromatic plant, ā€œhumbleā€ in appearance, ā€œGiantā€ in attributes. It contains many essential oils. Excellent beverage for combating constipation, stomach cramps, colds, obesity, neuralgia, inflammation of skin and eyes. Hippocrates believed it was the miracle cure for many diseases. It calms the body, is very soothing and also well known gynaecological medicine.

Severe Selection from the very best varieties and scholastic improving procedure, mark out in Camomile Evripos its most noble natural characteristics and its complete taste.

Warm or cold, unsweetened or as you prefer, it is pleasure! Any time!

It is proper against anguish and stress. We can use it against constipation, stomach ache, cold, fatness, neuralgia, skin and eye inflammation. It is also very known gynaecological herb.

Camomile and Linden in equal quantities is an excellent beverage for cold. It is supposed that skin wash with this beverage can be used against wrinkles.

Put one filtering bag in a cup. Pour water just off the boil. Leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes, dunking the filtering bag for several times before you take it off, or boil it for 1 minute according to taste. Add sugar and enjoy a delicious drink.

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