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Paros White Wine Vinegar 500ml

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Paros White Wine Vinegar


Paros White Wine Vinegar 
White vinegar prepared from light wines and characterized in addition the yellow color and the light flavor. 
Use for fried fish. The results will amaze you. 
Make delicious eggplant with mayonnaise and Paros White Wine Vinegar.
It is ideal for the manufacture of all white sauces. Mix it with garlic, dill and mustard and you have a dressing that fits all green salads. 
Keep in the refrigerator until cooking, anchovies and sardines "sitemmena" with Paros White Wine Vinegar.


Classic vinegar colored Greek wines. 
No preservatives. 
No artificial colors or other additives. 
Without gluten. 
Rich source of antioxidants.

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