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ION Chocofreta Cream 380g

ION Chocofreta Cream 380g
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Chocofreta Cream 380g

ION turned the chocofreta into a delicious spread, it is a cocoa cream with wafer and milk chocolate. This spread, that can also be used as a crepe filling, pie filling, or simply on a slice of bread for a quick sweet snack. A perfect idea is to make your own tsoureki with chocofreta chocolate filling, slice open a Tsoureki and add a spread of Chocofreta cream!

 ION, a 100% Greek Company, has been synonymous with chocolate in Greece for more than 90 years. The Company is distinguished by the love for chocolate, the commitment to quality, the determination for innovation and a long, long history that goes back to the 1930's, where a team of partners aspiring to be chocolate producers, create the Company ION. ION introduced innovative products to the Greek market, such as chocolate, wafers, cocoa powder and recently ice-cream, and with its 3 manufacturing plants exports products from the East to the West. The Company still operates its headquarters in the same site where it all begun. 

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