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Krinos Greek Myzithra

Krinos Greek Myzithra
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Greek sheep milk cheese 

Mizithra is a pasteurized sheep's milk cheese made all over Greece. In the past, balls of Mizithra were hung outside wrapped in sheets to drain as part of their preparation. Today, cheese makers try to stay true to the rustic roots of thngy, depending on the time of year the milk was harvested. When cooking with Mizithra, or any ethnic ingredient, it helps to look at how the people who created it use it. The Greeks enjoy Mizithra at all times of the day. For breakfast serve slices with thyme honey and fresh fruit. Serve it as an appetizer with olives, tomatoes, basil and bread, like you would Mozzarella. As this cheese ages, it evolves and goes even better with traditional Greek flavors. Crumble or grate it over Mediterranean inspired salads and pastas. For a wine pairing, try serving it with Prosecco.

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